Stream developed an internal loyalty and engagement platform that was more interactive, cost effective, dynamic and, importantly, heralded a move to a more collaborative and network driven way of working. The sales hub delivered an increase in sales force engagement, interaction, product information, crucial sales lead data and feedback. The hub had a dramatic impact on communication and engagement within the sales force and has changed the way the business works, resulting in the sales force being more engaged in the company, acting as brand ambassadors and leading to vastly improved brand loyalty.

The Challenge

To engage with an internal - but remotely based - salesforce audience in order to streamline the communication of goals and objectives, and build loyalty to the business in the process.

Kevin Brown

Former Sales Director, Everest

The Solution

A web-app communication portal using leaderboards and gamification to build levels of interaction and engagement in order to create the ‘go-to’ communication hub for the remote salesforce.

The Results 

A dramatic improvement in communication and motivation through interactive messaging and sales leaderboards, all of which were contributors to a 15% increase in net sales performance.

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