Kaspersky Rewards was moved to Stream’s RewardStream® platform in 2019. RewardStream® is a configurable benefits software solution that features personalised content, single sign on to cinema providers, prize draws and a fully customisable email engagement platform. By the end of its first quarter the platform had already encouraged 3,000 members to sign up who were saving over £2,000 per month on a range of brands from grocery to cinema to family days out. Over 20% of customers were regularly engaging in the prize draws and Kaspersky were able to start targeting offers to their demographic based on the analytics and engagement data available.

The Challenge

Kaspersky were already running a loyalty programme for their customers but they had no visibility of data including which customers had signed up to the programme.

Over 3,000 users in the first quarter

Estimated savings of over £2,000 a month

Over 20% regularly engaged in prize draw entries

The Solution

Stream customised their Rewards platform for Kaspersky with bespoke offers, monthly prize draws that customer needed to opt into and single sign on to cinema benefits to increase engagement and usage. The platform was supported by a customised email engagement programme providing calls to action and seasonal personalised content.

The Results

In the first three months over 3,000 customers had registered and we were seeing savings of over £2,000 a month. The data that was available allowed Kaspersky to re-connect with lapsed customers, drive engagement with the brand and see an increase in retention.


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