The Pirtek Platinum Club is a performance improvement programme that recognises the top achieving Pirtek franchise partners across Europe. This is an annual incentive programme to promote excellence across a number of different business metrics, all designed to motivate franchise business owners to maximise growth, increase sales and drive efficiencies within their specific franchise territories. Achievement of Platinum Club status gives these franchise partners recognition amongst their peer group and a well-earned place on the annual incentive travel event in an exotic location.

The Challenge


To motivate franchise holders to drive performance improvement in their businesses over and above the target growth forecasts and to strive to outperform other regional franchises.

Rupi Gill-Sodhi

HR Manager, Pirtek UK

The Solution

A sales incentive programme that rewarded the top performers with membership of an exclusive Platinum Club, associated benefits and a luxury travel incentive trip annually.

The Results 

A significant increase in engagement with all franchise holders and an average 35% increase in performance form the top achieving franchise operations.

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