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Primaflow F&P Rewards is a loyalty solution for plumbing and heating merchant customers, built on Stream’s LoyaltyStream® platform. The programme offers Primaflow F&P's merchant clients a "win-win" loyalty solution with the key aims of helping grow sales across the year, being less short-term focused and build loyalty, delivering value and benefits that position Primaflow F&P as business partners.

The results have been transformational in terms of sales growth and engagement with clients. The programme has delivered excellent Return on Investment, with the key objectives being fully achieved. As a result, the Primaflow F&P Rewards programme has become a key sales and engagement tool for the business.

The Challenge

How to move away from back-to-back campaigns and create a long-term loyalty proposition for clients in a fickle sector.

43% changed buying behaviours

24% increase in sales from registered customers

79% of customers registered

The Solution

A loyalty portal to reward consistent engagement with the brand but also with the ability to flex and run variable promotional modules seasonally.

The Results

The engagement results were transformational with over 75% of customers registering and engaging and 43% changing their buying habits. As a result, in the initial 6 months post launch, sales were up 27% year-on-year.


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